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Step 1

If your Hexagrid LED lighting system contains a border, start by assembling the straight border first. If your set does not contain a border, skip to Step 3. Your entire grid should be assembled on the floor and tested before mounting it.

Lay out the border pieces on the floor before connecting them together. Border pieces are usually longer than the other pieces. Use the straight and 90 degree elbow connectors to connect the tubes together. Make sure each tube is inserted all the way into each end of the connector piece. Build your entire border first.

Step 2

Use a T connector on the last corner of the border. This piece will later be used to connect the border to your power supply.

Step 3

Next construct your Hexagrid pattern. Lay out the pieces on the floor before connecting them together. Start with one corner of the Hexagrid pattern, forming your first hexagon.

Use the two-way elbow and 3-way connectors to connect your hexagon together. The 3 ways connectors should be used in positions that will later connect the next hexagon.

Step 4

Continue constructing the hexagons in the same column until you have reached your total amount of columns in your instruction manual provided with the grid.

Step 5

Construct the next full column of hexagons and keep repeating the same process for each full column.  

Step 6

Join all columns together with the left-over tubes horizontally to form your full diagram.

Step 7

If your Hexagrid contains a border, mount the border first onto the ceiling or wall using the mounting holes (in each of the connector pieces). Then mount the entire Hexagrid pattern in the same way. 

Contact a local qualified electrician to perform the final connection to your electrical system. Each red circle on your diagram will require its own power source to efficiently and evenly power your full Hexagrid.

Check out our video below to see how easy it is to install our lighting.