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This is the ultimate paint correcting tunnel that we offer. 240mm wide vertical light beams in brilliant 6500k white light combined with 5 600mm horizontal beams. You can select from 3500k yellow light and 6500k white light for your horizontal beams depending on your preference and needs. Not only is it great to work under. All your clients will want a pic with their car in the tunnel. The 32W Vortex Light Tunnel No4 comes in an Aluminium frame alongside a Polycarbonate Cover which is perfect for long term durability, style, and easy modification. Grab your Vortex Paint Correction Light Tunnel Setup today and GET LIT.


The current lead time is 8 weeks for our light tunnels as they are too heavy to send by express air, like the rest of our lighting. Therefor, we send them by sea and are then are picked up at your local port and delivered to your door. 


4.0m (W) x 6.14m (L) x 2.615m (H) 

13.13ft (W) x 20.15ft (L) x 8.58ft (H)